Golf Betting

Do you want to improve your golf betting and win? I give you the best Arab-friendly betting sites with evidence-based strategies and SMART tactics for live betting and finding value bets. You will master different bet types, from outright winners to prop bets, and learn how to make strategic wagers for bigger wins. Read everything and sign up on any of the recommended sites to bet on golf and win.

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How to Bet on Golf

Golf Betting

Online betting on Golf requires a step-by-step approach to streamline the process and avoid hassle. Here is how I bet on Golf in an online UAE casino with a sportsbook. Arab bettors, you should follow these steps to place successful bets.

  1. Choose the Right Betting Platform
  2. Sign Up and Verify Your Account
  3. Navigate the platform’s website and Understand Golf Stats
  4. Place Your Bets

Best Golf Betting Sites Online Right Now

Golf Betting Site Bonuses Live Betting Mobile App
888 Casino 100% up to $1000 Yes Yes 100% up to €200 Welcome Bonus Yes Yes
Casombie Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to €500 No Yes
Emirbet Welcome Bonus 100% up to $2200 Yes Yes
1xbet 100% Bonus on First Deposit and Premium Sports Betting Yes Yes
Just Casino Welcome Bonus up to $7,777 Yes No
Betobet 100% Welcome Bonus up to AED 2,000 Yes Yes
OlympusBet 100% Welcome Bonus up to $1,500 Yes No
10Bet 100% Welcome Bonus, up to $1,000 Yes Yes
22Bet 100% Bonus on your First Deposit of up to $300 Yes Yes

Choose the Right Betting Platform

I have already given you the best golf betting sites. However, if you want to do the research yourself, you can follow my strategy. First of all, look for international betting platforms that cater to Arabs. For example, the site should support the Arabic language, offer different payment methods, such as e-wallets and cryptocurrency, and provide competitive odds on golf tournaments.

Sign Up and Verify Your Account

Once you have chosen a reliable betting site, you can sign up. Always use a VPN if you are in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, playing in Bahrain Casino, Qatar Casino, or any other country where the government has banned sports betting. In addition, create an account with real personal information and not fake details because you will face issues when withdrawing your winnings.

Professional betting sites use “Know Your Customer” or KYC to prevent fraud. So, if you choose a casino or betting site from the list above, you will have to provide a copy of your ID, proof of address, and evidence of payment method.

Navigate the Site and Understand Golf Stats

Going through the site and checking different sections is important because it helps you understand how the platform organizes golf betting. I recommend looking for sections designed for upcoming tournaments, in-play or live betting, and outright winners.

Don’t forget to learn the stats, research player profiles, tournament details, and head-to-head records.

Place Your Bets

The final step is placing your bets on Golf. Pick a deposit method that maintains your anonymity. Don’t choose local bank transfers, especially if you are in the UAE, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia, because you can get in trouble.

I recommend e-wallets and cryptocurrency for depositing and withdrawing money from golf betting sites.

Let’s say you want to choose an e-wallet, such as Neteller, for a deposit. But before that, you must read the terms and conditions and know about the minimum/maximum deposit and withdrawal to avoid complications in the future. So, once you are satisfied, the next step is to set your budget because compulsive betting can lead to severe consequences.

Types of Golf Bets

golf betting

Bet Type Average Payout (Odds) Volatility (Risk) Popularity Skill Level Required
Outright Winner High High High Medium-High
Each Way Medium Medium-High High Medium
First Round Leader High High Medium High
Head-to-Head Matchup Medium Medium Medium High
Top Finish Medium Low-Medium Medium Medium
Prop Bets Varies Varies Varies Low-Medium
Futures High High Medium High
Live Betting Varies High High High

Outright Winner

Outright Winner betting in Golf, also known as tournament winner betting, is a wager placed on a single golfer to win a specific tournament. You pick the player you believe will outperform the entire field and claim victory. It is a favorite among golf enthusiasts and casual bettors alike, offering the potential for significant payouts, particularly when backing underdogs with long odds.

Each Way

In Golf, an each-way bet is a dual wager on a golfer to win the competition and finish in a predetermined top group (typically the top 5 or 10). It is essentially two separate bets:

  1. Win Bet: Pays out if the player wins the tournament.
  2. Place Bet: Pays out a fraction of the win bet’s odds if the player finishes within the designated top positions.

For example, you place an AED 10 each-way bet on a golfer at odds of 20/1 to win and 1/4 odds for a top-5 finish.

You win both bets, earning AED 200 for the win and AED 50 for the place (total of AED 250) if the golfer wins. On the other hand, if the golfer finishes 4th, you lose the win bet but win the place bet, earning AED 50. If the golfer finishes outside the top 5, you lose both bets.

First Round Leader

First Round Leader (FRL) betting in golf focuses solely on a player’s performance in the initial round of a tournament. It is a wager on which the golfer, after the first 18 holes, has the lowest score. Remember, this is regardless of the player’s final tournament standing. FRL betting offers higher payouts than outright tournament winner bets due to the increased difficulty of predicting a single round’s outcome. It is a popular option for those seeking a quicker resolution to their bet and a chance to capitalize on a player’s hot start.

Head-to-Head Matchup

Head-to-head matchup betting in golf is a wager on which of two pre-selected golfers will finish with the better score, regardless of their overall tournament placement. In addition, this betting format allows for a deeper analysis of player matchups, focusing on factors like course history, recent form, and head-to-head records.

Unlike traditional tournament winner bets, Head-to-Head Matchups create a binary outcome: one player wins, the other loses. It can offer value when a perceived underdog has a favorable matchup against a higher-ranked player. Moreover, some sportsbooks offer Head-to-Head Matchups for individual rounds, adding another layer of strategic betting opportunities.

Top Finish

It is a wager on whether a player will finish within a predetermined group, usually the top 5, 10, or 20. Unlike outright winner bets, it does not require the golfer to win, offering a less risky but potentially less rewarding option. It is ideal for backing consistent players or those with a strong course history, as it focuses on overall performance rather than outright victory. Payouts are typically lower than outright wins but offer a higher probability of success, making it a balanced option for risk-averse bettors.

Prop Bets

golf betting

Prop bets, or proposition bets, in golf, are wagers on specific occurrences within a tournament, separate from predicting the outright winner. These bets add excitement and variety to golf betting, focusing on individual player performances or unique events. Examples include:

  • Player props: Will a player score under/over a certain number of strokes in a round?
  • Tournament props: Will there be a hole-in-one during the event?
  • Head-to-head matchups: Which player will finish higher in the tournament?


Futures betting in golf involves placing a wager on the outcome of a tournament or event well before its actual occurrence. It is a popular form of golf betting, particularly at the start of the season or before major championships. Unlike bets placed closer to the event, futures bets offer higher potential payouts due to the increased uncertainty and longer odds associated with predicting the outcome so far in advance.

The most common type of futures bet is selecting the outright winner of a tournament.

However, other options exist, such as betting on a player to finish in the top 5, top 10, or even making the cut. Some sportsbooks also offer futures bets on season-long achievements, like the winner of the FedEx Cup or the number of majors a player will win in a year.

Golf Betting Strategies

Golf betting strategies are different from cricket betting, football betting, and horse racing. While understanding bet types is fundamental, successful golf betting requires a strategic approach. Here are some tactics to consider, each with varying levels of complexity and risk:

  • Course Fit Analysis
  • Recent Form vs. Long-Term Trends
  • Weather Condition Analysis
  • Live Betting Opportunities
  • Value Betting

Course Fit Analysis

Don’t just bet on the top-ranked players. Analyze how a golfer’s strengths and weaknesses align with a specific course. Some players excel on long, open courses, while others thrive on shorter, technical ones. For example, if the tournament is held at a long bomber’s course like Bethpage Black, target players known for their distance hitting, like Bryson DeChambeau or Rory McIlroy. On the other hand, if it is a tight, shot-shaping course like Harbour Town, prioritize players with accuracy and course management skills, like Justin Rose or Collin Morikawa.

Recent Form vs. Long-Term Trends

Consider a player’s recent form. Are they coming off a win or a string of top finishes? Sometimes, momentum is a powerful indicator. For example, in 2022, Scottie Scheffler won four tournaments in six weeks, including the Masters Tournament. His incredible hot streak made him a very attractive betting option during that period, even if he was not necessarily the favorite in every tournament.

However, consider the slump factor. So, be wary of players in a slump. Even the best can go through periods of poor performance. Moreover, look beyond wins and losses. Analyze strokes gained data (off the tee, approach, around the green, and putting).

Analysis of Weather Conditions

golf betting

Strong winds can significantly disrupt a golfer’s shot, particularly those who rely on power over precision. When the wind is swirling, these players may struggle to control the trajectory and direction of their shots, leading to more missed fairways and greens. On the other hand, players known for their accuracy and ability to shape their shots (think a draw or fade) will have more control over their ball flight, even in windy conditions. They can make adjustments to account for the wind, minimizing its impact on their performance.

Soft vs. Firm Greens

Soft greens result from recent rain or specific course maintenance practices. They are receptive to approach shots, allowing the ball to hold its trajectory and spin upon landing. So, this is beneficial for golfers who favor a high ball flight, as the softer surface allows the ball to stop more quickly after landing. Players who hit the ball lower and rely on ground control find it difficult to spin it on soft greens, potentially leading to more rollouts and longer distances to the hole.

Live Betting Opportunities

The general public often bets with their heart, not their head.

I always tell Arab bettors not to gravitate towards big names or players who are currently popular. Otherwise, this can inflate the odds on those players, creating value on the less popular options. Let me give you an example. If a champion struggles but still has short odds due to name recognition, consider betting against this golfer.

In addition, instead of betting on the entire tournament, focus on smaller groups of three players within a single round. That way, you can analyze specific matchups and find potential value. Numerous websites offer statistical models that analyze player data and course conditions to generate predictions. While not foolproof, these models can provide valuable insights and help you identify potential value bets.

Improve Your Golf Betting Game Today

I have given you the most practical information about golf betting with evidence-based strategies. So, are you ready to turn this knowledge into winning bets? If so, check out the best golf betting sites listed above. Start placing wagers with confidence and win big.


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