Camel Racing

If you are interested in betting on camel races, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find a thorough guide to learn about the best camel racing sites and how to do it. Read more to learn all aspects of camel racing and bet like a pro.

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Camel Racing – A Unique Sport for Arab Players

camel racing bets

Camel racing is one of the oldest sports in Arab countries. Despite strict regulations against betting, some Gulf countries still allow bets on camel races. If you wish to bet on camel races to win amazing prizes and fulfill your passion, you have come to the right place. We have summed up all the details regarding camel racing at Arabic casinos so you can become a pro quickly.

5 Best Camel Racing Online Casinos 2024

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Simple Steps for Camel Betting

Betting on camel races is a straightforward process. You can sign up on any platform, especially the ones mentioned above, and set your wager almost instantly. Here are the easy steps you need to follow.

  1. Search for a betting site offering camel races.
  2. Register for an account and complete verification.
  3. Make the first deposit on the gambling site.
  4. Go to the sports betting section and select camel racing.
  5. Place your bet and start winning!

History of Camel Racing in Arab Countries

history of camel racing

Camel racing has deep historical roots, showing that competitions have occurred in Arab cultures for over 4,000 years. However, standardized races did not emerge until the late 19th century, with events organized in areas like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Today, camel racing continues to be hugely popular in these regions and others. Large festivals and prestigious prizes draw spectators and bettors worldwide.

Camel races are often one mile or less long and occur on a level, oval track of sand or dirt. Camels are highly athletic animals that can reach top speeds of 40 kph.

Races usually involve 4-12 camels, with jockeys guiding their mounts around the track clockwise. Jockeys, typically young boys or men, use verbal cues and light whips to urge their camel to run at full speed without stopping or slowing. The first camel to cross the finish line wins the race.

Different Breeds of Racing Camels

The most commonly raced breeds are the Majaheem from the UAE and Saudi Arabia and the Mahali from Oman. Majaheem camels are tall, lean animals known for their agility and stamina. Mahali camels are stockier and prized for their raw power and acceleration.

Experienced breeders select only the fittest camels to race, assessing traits like conformation, health, and pedigree. Top breeding programs can produce camel yearlings valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Betting on Camel Races

camel racing

Betting on camel races is simple but a little different than betting on other sports, such as horse racing. You can place various bets on the camel to increase your chances of winning. Remember that it’s important to know the game from the core to bet on it.

We highly recommend that beginners learn about each bet to develop sound strategies. Some common types of bets that you can place on camel races are:

  • Straight Bets
  • Exotic Bets
  • Daily Double

Straight Bets

There are two types of straight bets that you can place during camel races:

  • Betting on a Single Camel to Win

You can wager on the one camel that will be the first to cross the finish line. The payout odds vary based on that camel’s chances of winning.

  • Betting on a Camel to Place

Bet involves selecting a camel that finishes first or second in the race. It offers less risk and a lower potential payout than a winning bet.

Exotic Bets

If you reach out for exotic bets, you can place them as exactas or trifectas. Here is what they are:

  • Exactas

A combination bet requires correctly selecting the first and second-place finishers in a specific order. Because it is more difficult, it pays out considerably higher odds.

  • Trifectas

Similar to an exacta, it requires guessing the top three finishers in their exact finishing order. Substantially riskier, it offers an even bigger potential payout.

Daily Double

A unique bet combining the winners of two consecutive races at a single track on the same day. Wins require correct choices in both events, which adds another exciting dimension to track outings.

Prizes and Festivals for Camel Betting

prizes and festivals in camel racing

In many respects, camel racing mirrors the horse racing industry, with primary yearly circuits, rich prizes, and cultural significance. The Dubai Camel Racing Festival has grown to become one of the premier equestrian spectacles in the world, with a total purse upwards of USD 10 million.

Oman’s annual Khaleej Tehran Festival attracts tens of thousands for three days of races, folklore performances, and traditional celebrations. Our website offers multiple gambling sites offering beautiful camel racing sports on which to bet money.

Bet Responsibly on Camel Races

Gambling should be done responsibly. It’s best to take precautions rather than go down the spiral that can disrupt your life. Responsible gambling tools, such as self-exclusion, deposit limits, and others, allow players to keep track of their habits. Many online casinos have trained staff as well that cater to queries and are always ready to help players tackle their addiction problems.

Wager Money on Camel Races & Win Incredible Prizes

Camel races are an exciting sport in which you can bet money to win amazing rewards. Online casinos also offer sports bonuses, and live betting allows you to participate in top competitions worldwide. Place your bets and fulfill your passion for gambling through camel races in Arab countries.


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