Easy Bets to Win Money for Beginners

When gambling, it's natural to want a sure thing—a bet with good odds of paying off. While nothing in gambling is ever completely risk-free, some wager types present lower risk than others. This article explores some betting options with structures that improve your chances of coming out ahead financially over time with discipline.
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Top Easy Bets to Win Money from First Wager

Betting is more challenging than placing a wager on your favorite sport or casino game and hoping to win a huge reward. You need to understand each type of wager and when to use them. Some bets offer more chances of winning financially than others. Here’s a list of easy bets for beginners to win money.

  • Proposition Bets
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Over/Unders
  • Match Betting
  • Non-Sports

Proposition Bets

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They are also called “prop bets”; these involve wagering on occurrences beyond the main outcome. For example, whether the first pitch will be a ball or strike, how many total runs will be scored, and whether a celebrity will be shown on TV during the game. Props draw from larger sample sizes than one result, giving you more chances to win smaller payouts during sports betting. Go for mundane props rather than longshot exotics.


When betting multiple sides in one wager, the more legs added, the less likely you are to win. But lower-leg parlays, like 2 or 3 teamers, still offer better odds than betting sides straight. Stick to favorites as mentioned legs to maximize winning potential. Keep individual wager amounts low to compensate for parlays’ reduced hit rate.


Giving extra points when wagering against the spread in football betting or basketball lowers risk significantly. A 6-point teaser turns marginal favorites into heavier chalk with slightly worse payouts. String together a few sure things for a very probable winning ticket.


easy bets for beginners

Total score wagering removes betting on one side or the other altogether. Judge the analysis of the two teams’ projected scoring alone. Overs have more room to swing up with one big play or quarter.

Match Betting

Arbitrage involves betting on both sides of an event to turn a guaranteed small profit no matter the outcome. It requires continuously scanning for mismatched odds across books. Arbitrage is more work than other options, but it removes risk.


Beyond core sports, consider lower volatility alternatives like political futures, award show props, or eSports match winners. New areas with less public action create more opportunities for advantage.

Start Betting to Win Big Money

Discipline is key to any gambling strategy. Minimize variance by keeping wagers modest and maintaining prudent bankroll management. Easy bets won’t make you rich overnight, but done wisely over the long run, lower-risk options can give you the edge and lead to profits where riskier plays would see ruin.


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